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  • Buying and Re-schooling the Ex-racer, by Kirsty Farnfield, FDPF

  • Tips on Buying and Selling Ex-Racehorses, with permission from

  • How to Buy an Exracer, courtesy of Recycle Racehorses

  • Your New Off-Track TB, by Merrydale

  • Nutrition

  • The Myths and Reality of Beet Pulp from Susan Garlinghouse Website

  • Feeding Beet Pulp from The Horse Interactive

  • Keeping Weight on Horses from The Horse Interactive

  • Skinny Horse? from Horse Illustrated Online

  • Tack -Bits and Bitting by Kirtsy Farnfield

  • Bridles by Kirsty Farnfield

  • Saddles by Kirsty Farnfield

  • Common Lamenesses and Ailments

  • Dealing With Vices

  • Notes on Lungeing, by Kirsty Farnfield

  • Your First Ride

  • Brakes

  • The Canter

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  • "Putting you and your horse on the right track."

    "I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a Thoroughbred horse."
    -John Galsworthy

    Cool TB Site of the Month!

    Unusual colors and markings in TBs: From True Colours Farm

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    The Exracer Resource
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    Rollin' On Racehorse Rescue & Adoption: Iowa
    Second Chance: MI
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    Lost & Found Horse Rescue: PA
    Old Friends : KY
    Second Wind Adpotion Program: WV
    Second Career Racehorses: MI
    The New York Horse Rescue
    The Exceller Fund
    Bethlehem Farm: KY
    C.E.R.F.: CA
    Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
    Recycle Racehorses
    Last Chance Rescue: OH
    Second Chance Horse Rescue: WA
    New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, Ohio
    Road's End Ranch
    West Australian Ex-Racehorse Association
    Bran Manor Equine Rescue and Placement: PA
    Large Animal Protection Society:PA
    Carpe Diem Equine Rescue: Serving PA/NJ/DE/MD/CT/NY
    Hurricane Bay Farm: Standardbred Rescue
    GEVA Inc.: CA
    The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre: England
    Trallwm Farm - Sanctuary for all animals including TBs.: Wales