Horse Owner's Ten Commandments

1. THOU shalt put Thy horse's needs before Thine own.

2. THOU shalt not criticize Thine farrier whilst she/he works lest Ye be able to duck flying horseshoes.

3. THOU shalt not covet Thy neighbors brand new shiny four horse trailer with deluxe dressing room/kitchenette, awnings, pinstriping and matching extended cab dual tank pickup.

4. THOU shalt not take Thine horse's name in vain when making monthly payments on vet bills.

5. THOU shalt vow to fit into and wear last years show outfit, despite the extra pounds and all the latest hot new styles and colors.

6. THOU shalt place all of Thine child's orthodontia before all new saddles.

7 THOU shalt not call Thy horse "Dogfood!" when he disobeyeth Thy commands.

8. THOU shalt not resist the will of Thine Trainer, lest Ye be cast down among the 2nd and 3rd place winners at the next show.

9. THOU shalt feedeth Thine steed the finest alfalfa mix, 12% sweet extruded feed, costly supplements & Thou shalt rejoyceth over the peanut butter & jelly over the next year.

10. THOU shalt vow to grain, hay, water, blanket, groom, trim, braid, wrap, trailer, medicate, bring in, turn out, catch up, muck out, bed down, foal out & ride despite what ever the Heavens shall rain down upon Thee at any given time of the day or night & despite lack of sleep, food, personal life or caffeine.

"Here's Lookin' Atcha" by Lynne McIntosh

Lynne's work can be viewed and purchased at

Yet if man, of all the Creator planned,

His noblest work is reckoned,

Of the works of His hand, by sea or by land,

The horse may at least rank second.

A. L. Gordon

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