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"The Arab Tent" Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873)

Equine Artists

Andrea Harman Steiner: A must see for all fans of Equine Art!!
The Studio of Lesley Ann Hartman: Beautiful Arabians and more.
Wild Horse Art Studio: Award winning equine artist Sandra Chapman Koury.
The Raubacher Gallery: Originals, clothing, prints and more.
Equine Art by Lynda Sappington
Jean Abernethy: Cartoons, Illustrations, Paintings
Kathryn King Johnson
Sam Savitt
Trotting Park Workshop
Equine Art by Maria D'Angelo
Equine Artist Bev Clark
Equine and Wildlife Art of Lynn Ponto-Peterson
Adeline Halvorson Artworks
The Vavra Collection
Canadian Artist Clare Hobson
Fine Art and Design by Ingrid Kostron
Wade Art
Tom Chapman:Racehorses in Art
Richard Stone Reeves Limited Edition Prints
Abney Art
Sue Zaybal Pencil Drawings
Equestrian Portraits by Olva Stewart Pharo
Sporting Artist Claudia Coleman
Equine Art by Lea
Happy Horse Studio

Handpainted home accents for horse lovers. Don't forget to check out the Ebay auction link.

More Equine Art Links

Equine Art Guild
Gemstone Enterprises: An online gallery of animal fine art, gifts and collectibles; specializing in Equine Fine Art.
Equine A must see for equine art enthusiasts.
Equine Images: Great magazine filled with horse art, design, and furnishings.
The American Academy of Equine Art
Hoof Prints: Nice source for open and limited edition horse prints.
The Equine Art Guild
Equizotic: Free horse clip art and much more.
Virtual Horse Graphics: More free clipart.

Detail from "An Arab with his Steed" by Jean-Leon Gerome, 1824-1904.