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The Hunting Horse in Art

"It was in the eighteenth century that the development of the speedy hounds bred by Hugo Meynell and the demand for crossing hedge, ditch, and fence at speed also produced the need for a much finer, faster, and more enduring mount. Fortunately, came the need, came the horse." from The Art of the Horse by John Fairly
"Thomas Smith, Huntsman of the Brocklesby Hounds and his Father Thomas Smith, Former Huntsman, with the Hound, Wonmder" George Stubbs c.1776

"Two Hunters with a Young Groom and a Dog" George Stubbs c.1778

"Ralph Lambton and his Hounds" James Ward c.1820

"Lord Lascelles and Princess Mary with the Belvoir Hunt" George Wright (1860-1942)

"Hunting Scene" Heywood Hardy (1843-1933)

"A Hunting Morn" Sir Alfred Munnings (1878-1959)