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Mr. Bill is Home!

Finally Pewter's Bill arrived at his new home in Washington Boro, PA on September 12. After a few stressful days he settled in. Now with his mustang sidekick, Pokey, he feels right at home. Here are a few photos I've taken after having him for one week.

Bill grazing, isn't he a beautiful boy!

Not the greatest picture but, oh well. He can't be ridden for a couple of months but I couldn't resist tacking him up. Too bad I didn't get the pad straight before the picture was taken.

This ones a bit better. I don't really like dropped nosebands but it was the only thing I had at the barn.
More Bill Pictures...

Bill's Pedigree


                                                          Ribot 1952
                                             Tom Rolfe 1962
                                                          Pocahontas 1955
                          Hoist the Flag 1968
                                                           War Admiral 1934 (by Man O' War)
                                              Wavy Navy 1954   
                                                           Triomphe 1947
              Oh Say 1978                    
                                                        Turn-To 1951
                                             Cycane 1959
                                                        Your Game 1948
                           Light Hearted 1969 
                                                      Cohoes 1954
                                             Ho Ho 1961
                                                       Roses 1951
Pewter's Bill
                                                   Honey Way 1941 (by Fairway 1925)

                                  Great Nephew 1963
                                                   Sybil's Niece 1951
                       Nikoli 1977            
                                              Alcide 1955
                                  Aliceva 1966
                                              Feevagh 1951

          Cheka 1984          
                                                          Bold Ruler 1954 (by Nasrullah 1940)
                                            Chieftain 1961
                                                          Pocahonta's II 1955
                       Queen of the Clan 1972

                                                            Princequillo 1940
                                             Czarina II 1956
                                                            Distinction II 1948